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Welcome to the gallery. Here’s work from Airtime, Eyefluence, JustVisual, Inc. and the Yahoo! Also included are highlights from Intuit, Teradata, Verizon NetworkFleet and Digital Instincts. Click any thumbnail to see a larger version.

Generate Group Genius

Designed customized Wordpress and Elementor responsive website and social media campaigns for new startup in Ashland, OR. Worked with founders to ideate and create corporate branding and messaging, as well as marketing assets, style guide and video production.


Designed online, mobile and social media programs, including IOS and Android mobile apps and website that utilizes Wordpress, Elementor and Shopify. Site launched August 2019 and has seen doubled user visit duration and page visits with increase in mobile device usage by 30%

Delivered solutions with a minimum engineering ask and maximum results for newly launching IOS app for Worked closely with internal stakeholders, marketing and internal staff designers on app launched in March 2020. Designed and delivered streamlined user flows, UI improvements, typographical audit and video on boarding as well as participated in user testing.


Lead product designer in enhancing user experience while growing audience in Airtime social media app. Worked closely with PM and backend technical teams to ideate, design, wireframe and prototype a number of app features for the existing app. Initiatives encompass a wide range of projects including researching user pain points in order to provide better UI, introduction of talking avatars, simplification of UI across app around people management, and integration of new company branding.

Eyefluence, Mt. View, CA

Expanding experience into Virtual and Augmented Reality field. Served as Sr. UX/UI Designer, driving design and user experience testing on an innovative UI that integrates eye-tracking with natural eye bio-mechanics in the latest Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets. Contribution – Conducted key user research, developed new UI and prototypes with latest in VR/AR technology.

JustVisual, Palo Alto

Top award winner at Mobile Photo Connect Conference 2015 and a 2015 Webby Award for LikeThat Décor mobile web.

Hired to better understand users’ desires, needs, motivations and contexts when designing a suite of mobile and web products powered by a patented AI Visual Search Technology. In some cases the challenge was to introduce users to the disruptive concept of submitting a photo as a query. Result is a “LikeThat” titled award winning suite of IOS, Android and web apps around women’s fashion, home decor, plant identification, finding a pet and facial recognition game. Contribution – Designed award winning IOS, Android and web app suite containing patented visual search algorithm.

Yahoo! Sunnyvale CA

The problem to solve was “To delightfully give user’s the info they wanted”. Challenges – stakeholders wanted to add a large amount of new, detailed weather data in a traditional, tabbed, multi-screen mobile UI. To dive deeper into what was happening with current users, I had the team install analytics on the old Android app. Surprisingly we found most users opening the app up to 3x daily for about 10 seconds. This data insight paved the way to exploration around the new UI ideas.  Next came ideation, sketching, creating and pitching a number of prototypes to Yahoo’s CEO, upper management and Apple executives. The final design gave users the snippet of info they were looking for, but also the delight of a beautifully shot local photo and option to explore more data with a simple swipe up. Contribution – Full lifecycle of Yahoo! Weather app creation.

App won Apple Design Award in 2013

Intuit, QuickBooks, Mt. View CA

Point of contact for IPD – Coordinated with marketers, users and development staff to define need, understand user goals and gather business requirements on 65+ projects for QuickBooks Online, Mobile and desktop. Contribution – Point of Contact for IPD for Quickbooks Online

Intuit, TurboTax, San Diego CA

Hired by Intuit to improve and develop tax software TurboTax core, mobile and in-product upsell resources. Led ideation sessions, and remote and onsite usability studies. Developed support materials that include persona development, follow-me-homes and user journey lines. Contribution – Responsible for complex TurboTax core user experience in 401k, rental property income and stock sales areas.

Teradata, San Diego CA

Conducted qualitative research sessions with SME’s, engineers and users leading to requirements gathering, prototypes, wireframing, and persona development around DBA portet tools. This evidence was key in honing in on technology DBA’s needed to solve their large-scale database operations. Contribution – Chaired user testing research and focus groups that revealed pivotal insights around a large scale initiative.

Verizon Network Fleet, San Diego CA

Hired to explore and execute a user experience study and resulting UI/Visual Design change for their flagship real-time GPS tracking and diagnostics system software that maintains 100K+ vehicles. Contribution – Advised stakeholders to initiate key user testing study and redesigned app to Enterprise level.

Digital Instincts, NY NY

Gathering stakeholder requirements/specs, XD design asset creation and brand implementation for an extremely diverse range of US and global corporations such as The New York Times, Warner Bros, MTV, Lancome, Maybelline, People Magazine, United Way, Shu Uemura and more. Contribution – Co-founder and Design Manager of web design agency to various fortune 100 and NY based companies.

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